The Continuum

500 mg Full Spectrum CBD rub with Arnica Montana

Origin 1, FS-500mg Sports Stick


Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract blended the anti-inflammatory- Arnica Montana and essential oils in a beeswax base for the dry winter months.  It is easy to apply and allows you to quickly forget those aches and pains.

What makes the Origin 1 Topical with the herbal pain-relieving Arnica Montana different from other topicals?

  1. The Continuum 500mg Topical Sport Stick is a premium topical that is great to apply after the shower.  It locks in moisture and nourishes your skin.
  2. Our CBD Extract is made from First Pass Extraction, Super Critical CO2.
  3. One genetic type throughout the Origin 1 Series to see what works for you.
  4. Premium Ingredients that give you the green light to decide where it needs to go.
  5. All Natural, Vegan, & Non-GMO.
  6. FDA Registered Manufacturing

Enjoy our full-spectrum CBD topical relief for your aches and pains.  Massage into the area using the applicator to swipe over the area of discomfort- continue to rub in as needed.  Topical only, not made for consumption.  Enjoy!

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