The Continuum

Grok the Bindu

What are the origins & meanings of the phrase:


It starts here...

As human beings we fall under the same scientific category, yet not one human being is exactly the same as the other.  Whether it’s our upbringing, our environment, our healthy (or unhealthy) habits, or our beliefs, without question, we are all unique.  

The Book- Grok

Stemming from the book titled, ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’,  “grok” has many different meanings and definitions, all of which are based on interpretation and perception.  As we apply, “grok” to our company we use it as a verb.  We believe you will develop a profound understanding of yourself, as you seek from within, develop awareness, and explore without boundary.  Applying these ideas, methods, and processes with your experiences using our Origin 1 CBD hemp extracts creates a broad spectrum as to how O1 (ORIGIN 1) helps you in your wellness goals.  Therefore, as you become aware, you GROK.  

The bindu

In metaphysics, BINDU is considered the point of consciousness.  It’s also the chakra representing the center for health and power for physical and mental manifestation and rejuvenation.  The BINDU of O1 provides the point and you provide the vision and awareness necessary to promote your inner harmony, clarity and balance.  

Now put them together

The combination of both words to create the phrase, 
“GROK the BINDU”, is the core of our company vision and how we approach our customers.  Just as it’s impossible to reach the destination without the journey, it’s impossible to achieve inner harmony, clarity and balance without first seeking it.  

How can we help YOU?  How well do you know yourself and your body.  Are you aware of the ways in which your body should work?  Dig deep, seek within, and you’ll eventually find the solution.  

How these O1 Hemp Extracts help YOU, however, is entirely up to you.  Time to, “GROK THE BINDU” with Origin 1 Hemp Extracts!