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*Origin Series Hemp*

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When life creates stress and you need to calm what's
troubling you, you can count on our FDA registered
Full Spectrum Tinctures to distribute the load.

Premium Topicals

Explore our Premium Topical Hemp
extracts that soothe and go right to the spot.
We have many options that absorb, moisturize,
& treat quickly so you can concentrate
on the task at hand. If you don't see something
you are interested in, let us know. Often there are
some small batches we haven't added to the site but sell locally.

Hemp Derived Gummies

Premium hemp-derived gummies made in an FDA Registered
Industrial Food Grade facility. We offer two different sources
- Origin Series (seasonal, small batch) & Origin 1 Premium gummies. Check-in
with our Shop Now button to explore our offerings in
CBD, D8, Full Spectrum (minor/major cannabinoids) & D9.

Wholesale Premium Flower

We find and source the best USDA and COA certified flower for your retail dispensary. Check out our current line-up of Oregon flower.
This is our Oregon Flower

What Makes Origin 1 & our Canna partners different from other CBD Brands?

-Our O1 products are made in an FDA Registered Facility
-Lot traced for saftey
-Vertical manufacturing- seed to bottle process
-COA approvals for compliance with the USDA & the DEA
-First Pass CO2 Extraction
-Organic and all Natural Products Only

Customer Reviews

"As someone who struggles with anxiety, the CBD gel caps continue to amaze me. I can feel exactly when it kicks in because I feel a significant decrease in my anxiety levels. When I start overthinking, I take one and can relax and think straight. They also allow me to be more confident in social situations that would usually make me anxious."
Welcome to our Canna-Blog
Student, Wait Staff
"I have wide-spread [discomfort]. I have been using [Origin 1] CBD gummies & oil for about 2 years and the gel caps for about a year. I take either a gummy or the sublingual oil in the morning and I feel it helps to ease chronic joint pain. The gel caps, when taken before bed help me relax and enjoy a good night's sleep."
Origin 1,all-natural,Home,Hemp,CBD products
Retired Teacher

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