Navigating the landscape of cannabis

With every journey, the first step can be the most challenging.  Not only is the first step challenging, but the path, and the strategy to a destination can leave one feeling overwhelmed.  When I formed The Continuum as a cannabis brand, the challenges were overwhelming.  Was it legal?  Would it remain legal?  What were my friends and family going to think?  All of these thoughts and the emotions surrounding them sometimes leave me a little uncertain.  But, I know this, if you measure your success and achievements to be only judged and valued by others, you’ll never meet your goals and find the happiness along the way.  It’s the journey… 

In this business, every day is like trying to hit a moving target as a new task, a new partnership, a new trend in cannabis, a new customer challenges my skill sets and knowledge of what I know- and what I don’t know about cannabis.  For a plant that is so old (5000 years of known human use), we are relearning what our ancestors knew… Cannabis, is a helpful crop to grow, to process into materials and/or to use as food/consumption.  Certainly the scientific community is placing more emphasis on the how and why cannabis positively interacts with humans…   I’m encouraged by what I see for this emerging industry.  I’ve put so much already into this company, this journey.  My family is patient (thank you to my wife, Jenn).  And so, I -and we- soldier on.   My hope is that you’ll soldier with me and see how cannabis positively impacts your life.  

So, stay tuned as we launch this new section of our web-site filled with information about Origin 1, cannabis use generally, our canna-partnerships, canna-trends, and updates on the politics of the plant.  Be well and Grok the Bindu.