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Hemp Based CBD Extracts


What makes Origin 1 & The Origin One Experience?  It starts with Colorado sunshine, Colorado mountain water, & 1 plant type to balance your Endocannabinoid System.  When everything is in balance (the soil must be properly maintained, high-quality plant genetics are used, the growing environment must be optimal, tending to the plants daily, & harvest/curing properly) we have a plant worthy of your demands.  The Origin 1 experience is much more than what you are buying.  An effort of many people, with a common purpose, goes into each product we call Origin 1.  That’s the Origin 1 Experience.

What is the Origin 1 Experience process?  It’s simple really.  We partner with farms and farmers that are verticle, share a passion for doing things right, test, & retest, & use a closed-loop process to create repeatable results.   

Balancing all these variables & maintaining USDA certification is the foundation of our product line.  Recently, our processes qualified the extraction facility with  ISO 9001 certification (ISO 1702522000 coming).  We are also registered with the FDA.  With these processes in place, we deliver a superior extract product for you to enjoy. 

Tracked Seed to Bottle

Our hemp extract should not be confused with hemp seed oil.   Hemp seed oil is a completely different product made from pressing the seeds of the male hemp plant until oil is extracted- much like grape seed oil.  While the oil is rich in omega 3 and 6 it has no THC or CBD.  None.  Not one mg.  Hemp seed oil is excellent for cooking & for your health which is why we add a little back into our bottles as a suspension for our CBD. 

CBD stands for cannabidiol & was discovered in 1940 more than 20 years before the more popular, THC.  Our products are made from the aerial parts of the hemp plant.  As CBD gathers more of the spotlight as an emerging health trend, the next wave in the cannabis health movement is understanding the importance of including the “other” phytocannabinoids.  Our hemp extracts are based on the mg strength of phyto-cannabidiol; CBD per bottle.  We also include the native plant terpenes, flavonoids, &  additional phytocannabinoids.  

Origin 1 CBD is Organic Certified

With a growing amount of attention turning to CBD, our formulation works for those that need to be clear, focused, & cool as a cucumber.  We recognize that you need to be ready for the challenges of the day & able to react to the situation at hand with peace of mind, calm, & clarity. 

The efficacy of our products is what really separates us from other CBD products.  When traveling to Colorado or California we try products sold in medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries.  I find that the Origin 1 experience is far superior to what I have tried on the dispensary shelves.  Why?  I think the focus for those cannabis dispensaries is on the cannabinoid THC.  So what you are paying for in those dispensaries is a premium on THC.  As a result, CBD-based cannabis becomes more of an afterthought to many budtenders with some not understanding what CBD or the Full Spectrum of cannabinoids within the cannabis plant do or how they function within the body.  

Most of the THC-based strains (plant types) found in those dispensaries deliver an excellent THC product but rarely have a diverse phytocannabinoid profile.   Why?  When the plant is reaching maturity, the female converts all the cannabinoids into THC to a mature “flower”.   When we harvest, our plants still have a diverse phytocannabinoid profile to give you all the health benefits of a diverse & complete spectrum of plant nutrients (phytocannabinoids).  

One of our most popular offerings is our sublingual phytocannabinoid nutrient-rich CBD hemp extract in MCT oil, hemp seed oil & sunflower oil.  We offer FULL SPECTRUM CBD & CBD isolate extracts that are USDA-approved, vegan, all-natural, and organically grown in Certified Organic soil at the base of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.     

A little more info:

The rising star in the profile of phytocannabinoids is cannabidiol also known as CBD.  CBD derived from hemp is a multi-million  dollar industry.  With the acceptance of CBD as an image of a new healthy the growth you are seeing also shows some growing pains.  Labels can be confusing, mg strength is unclear on some labels, & in some cases, products tested independently don’t posses CBD in them at all.  We took a lot of time designing a label that would help you understand what’s in it, & marketing our philosophy.  It isn’t perfect but we are always improving.  We just released our newest labels & hope you will find they answer some of your questions when searching for a CBD extract that is right for you.  What is clear, is that we have a product line that allows you to define your CBD journey.  How, where & when you choose to interact with our Origin 1 products is up to you. 

Full Spectrum extracts are the by-product of withdrawing phytocannabinoids (which CBD is one of many) from USDA certified hemp.  The Continuum uses the finest quality hemp plant material (scientifically known as- cannabis Sativa) grown, cultivated, extracted, & bottled in Colorado.  Currently, there are over 120 known plant molecules called phytocannabinoids that interact with the human body in mind, body, & spirit.  Yet not all plant variations of cannabis Sativa contain all 120 cannabinoids.  The most popular cannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) remains controversial however scientific research is proving that it too is an important key to connecting all your body’s canna-nutrient pathways.   These pathways or pathway systems are called CB1 and CB2 receptors & are found in the body’s Endocannabinoid System (brain, vital organs, bones, nervous system, etc.).  The scientific discovery & acceptance of the Endocannabinoid System is a major reason hemp cannabis & medical THC cannabis are in the news, at your local grocery, found at the local cannabis dispensary & sold online.  We are just scratching the surface of what the plant offers & an understanding the roles cannabinoids play in balancing various systems in the body.

So, let’s ask a few important questions about phytocannabinoids & what you know about your Endocannabinoid System:  How in-depth is your understanding?  Why are you taking it and what are your expectations?  How long should you take it?  How much?  Should you take it pro-actively or reactively.   Where is the research regarding cannabis and CBD?  Who should you trust and how in-depth are they in knowing about the subject?  What factors weigh-in when making a purchasing decision?  Where does your cannabis come from?  What genetics (plant type) were used?  Was it tested before it was bottled?  Should it matter?  We think so.  We think it matters because you are what you put into your body.  

All-natural, organic practices used in growing, extraction methods that exceed the industry expectations, single-sourced proprietary plant genetics, these are just a few of the things we put into a bottle…