Hemp and US

Your Journey Will Be Your Testament

about me

I love discovering new things.  When I discovered CBD back in early 2015 something inside me told me to remain curious and keep an open mind.  This journey involving the plant and how it interacts with your personal testimony will be interesting.  It was for me.  I thought it would handle a little inflammation- boy, was I to learn so much more.  

What I hope is that using CBD and hemp extracts will get you back into doing the things you care about.  And allow you to enjoy each day.  After all, that’s all we have.  And it truly is a journey; one step at a time. 

The last thing I want you to consider is that yesterday, there was a sunrise and a sunset.  You might not have witnessed either- and yet, beautifully, they happened.  Give this time and frequency- and you’ll see things that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

Joe Kilpatrick, Founder and CEO of The Continuum